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Less Common Roofing Questions and Their Answers

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to learn as much as you can about your roofing system to better understand it. One way you can accomplish this is by asking your contractor a few questions that can help you learn more about your roof.

Here are the less common roofing questions you can ask your contractor and the answers you should hear.

Should I Opt for an Overlay or Complete Tear-Off?

When you’re installing a new roof in your home, some homeowners have to decide whether or not they should just install the new shingles over the old ones or completely remove the old shingles first. While installing the new shingles over the old roof may sound cost-effective, it could lead to early shingle deterioration. With that in mind, experts recommend that you completely tear-off the old shingles before you have the new ones installed.

Should I Pick Steep or Shallow Pitch?

Another thing you need to know when installing a new roof on your home is the appropriate pitch for your roof. When trying to choose the right pitch, you can choose between two options: steep or shallow. Unfortunately, as roof repair experts say that both have their own pros and cons, there is actually no clear answer to this question as picking the right pitch actually depends on the needs and aesthetics of your home.

Which Underlayment Is the Best for My Home?

In terms of underlayments, on the other hand, homeowners can choose between three options: ice and shield guard, metal flashing or double-rolled shingles. Between the three, roofers recommend that you choose ice and shield guards to install before the valleys as the material they’re made of can prevent the water that has slipped beneath your shingles from reaching your roof deck and causing moisture damage.

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