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Meet The New View Roofing Team

Nick Royer – Vice President

Nick Royer

Vice President Nick@NewViewRoofing.com
(469) 444-1072

Patrick Gibson – Director of Operations

Patrick Gibson

Director of Operations
(469) 444-1072

Scott Berlin – Project Manager

Scott Berlin

Senior Project Manager Scott@NewViewRoofing.com
(972) 591-1580

Nick Catanese – Project Manager

Nick Catanese

Senior Project Manager Nicholas
(469) 912-5756

James Cornhoff - Project anager - New View Roofing

James Cornhoff

Senior Project Manager
(469) 213-0249

Andy Hradisky – Project Manager

Andy Hradisky

Senior Project Manager
(214) 304-9899

Joey Hong - New View Roofing

Joey Hong

Senior Project Manager
(469) 767-0133

Stan May

Senior Project Manager Stan@NewViewRoofing.com
(214) 307-5870

Chris Bahmiller

Project Manager
(214) 310-8482

Scott Beres

Project Manager Scott.Beres
(972) 821-8539

Michael Hradisky – Project Manager

Michael Hradisky

Project Manager
(469) 207-5331

Burton Hughes - New View Roofing

Burton Hughes

Project Manager Burton@NewViewRoofing.com
(469) 222-4506

Tom Longville Headshot

Tom Longville

Project Manager Tom@NewViewRoofing.com
(469) 777-8628

David Mendez - New View Roofing

David Mendez

Project Manager David@NewViewRoofing.com
(469) 332-4509

Sam Nayyer - New View Roofing

Sam Nayyer

Project Manager Sam@NewViewRoofing.com
(224) 475-9352

Nathan Sundberg – Project Manager

Nathan Sundberg

Project Manager Nathan@NewViewRoofing.com
(214) 725-3722

Voinovich Vic

Vic Voinovich

Project Manager

Gavin Whitely - New View Roofing

Gavin Whitely

Project Manager Gavin@NewViewRoofing.com
(469) 427-9934

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