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3-Tab Shingles: Affordability Meets Functionality

3-Tab Shingles - Brands and ColorsNew View Roofing provides multiple shingle types to ensure homeowners have many options to choose from when purchasing a new roof. A popular shingle style used on residential properties is the three-tab shingle, which may be the right choice for you.

One-Piece, 3-Tab Asphalt Shingles: The Basics

One-piece, three-tab asphalt shingles are affordable and made from durable fiberglass coated with asphalt and mineral granules. They typically have a fiberglass backing that helps keep them sturdy and water-repellent. Each shingle has three asphalt tabs, which fit together like puzzle pieces. That helps protect your roof from water incursion, and it helps keep your shingles fixed in the right place. These shingles go on top of other roofing materials, including the underlayment (a protective layer that keeps the wood of the roof deck dry).

Three-tab asphalt shingles work around chimneys, skylights and roof vents. Your roofer will use special flashing around these areas to prevent water from getting in through cracks.

Our knowledgeable team of roofing contractors has years of experience installing this shingle style, so you can rest assured you are receiving quality workmanship from experts in the industry.

Benefits of 3-Tab Asphalt Shingles

Many people choose three-tab asphalt shingles for a variety of reasons. Three-tab shingles are:

  • Lightweight
  • Designed to withstand the elements
  • Expected to have a service life of 20 years or more
  • Affordable for homeowners on a budget

These shingles are durable enough to protect your home (and everything in it) from the weather, the sun and the wind. Many of them come with manufacturer warranties, too, which gives you peace of mind knowing that the materials are covered if anything goes wrong.

Our Selection of 3-Tab Shingles

New View Roofing is proud to represent leading shingle manufacturers in the industry such as GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed and TAMKO. We offer a variety of style and color options to match your exterior home décor or provide a completely new look. The right shingles can enhance the curb appeal of your home and even increase its property value. If you’re interested in installing new three-tab shingles on your home, let us know – we’ll be happy to show you the materials we work with so you can make the right choice for your home’s exterior appearance.

How Are 3-Tab Shingles Different From Dimensional Shingles?

Three-tab shingles are different from dimensional shingles, but not by much. Dimensional shingles are also called architectural shingles (and sometimes laminated shingles), and essentially, they’re asphalt shingles with an additional splash of style. Designed for appearance, these shingles look more three-dimensional; they don’t have a flat appearance on your roof.

Dimensional shingles are a bit more costly than standard three-tab shingles are, but they generally have the same lifespan and similar abilities to protect your home. However, dimensional shingles feature a double-bonded layer of asphalt; heavy-grade architectural shingles can often resist 130 mile-per-hour winds and provide additional protection against hail.

New View Roofing Corp Is it Okay to Put New 3-Tab Shingles Over an Existing Roof?

In some cases, it’s okay to install a new roof over an existing one. However, there are so many factors that go into the decision that it’s important to talk to an expert roofing contractor to find out whether it’s right in your situation. If your current roof is in great shape – that is, the supports that hold it up and some of your roofing materials are still strong – it may be okay to put three-tab shingles over your existing roof without tearing the old one off completely. Only a knowledgeable roofing expert can tell for sure, though. If that’s an idea you’re interested in learning about, you can ask the professional inspector who comes to your home for your free roof inspection.

How Much Do 3-Tab Shingles Cost?

Three-tab shingles are among the most affordable options when you’re roofing your home. Usually, three-tab shingles cost between $25 and $40 per bundle. Your exact cost for a roofing project will vary, though, depending on several factors – including:

  • Your roof’s size
  • The pitch (angle) of your roof
  • Whether we’re tearing off your old roof or installing a new one on your existing roof
  • The brand and style of the shingles you choose

The best way to figure out how much three-tab shingles will cost you is to ask an experienced roofer. We’ll factor in the type of shingles you want, the size of your roof, labor and all the other important aspects of the job to give you an accurate quote. After you have a quote, you’ll be able to make the most informed decision – and even better, we can get started building your new roof.

The New View Roofing Promise

At New View Roofing, customer satisfaction is our top priority. When you’re planning to purchase a new roof for your home, we ensure a hassle-free process from start to finish. One of our certified roofing contractors will meet with you for an initial consultation to help you choose a shingle option that meets your budget and design needs. We promise that you’ll love your new roof and the positive attention it brings to the exterior appeal of your home.

Three-tab roofing shingles are an economical choice and offer beauty, efficiency and durability. If you notice telltale signs that you’re in need of a roof replacement, New View Roofing is on hand to provide you with an inspection and free new roof estimate. We’ll help you decide on the right shingles, manufacturer and color selection for your roof. You can trust that our professionals will be here for you every step of the way!

Quality Roofing, Dependable Work

At New View Roofing, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. From inspections to repair, replacement and maintenance, we offer comprehensive residential roofing services. Every task we complete is handled with care and attention to detail. As a GAF Master Elite® certified contractor, we offer and install leading-industry GAF products and stay up-to-date on training and installation techniques.

Contact Us for a New Roof Estimate

When looking for the right roofing contractor, you want a company that is upstanding, trustworthy and experienced. New View Roofing is a veteran-owned and -operated roofing company comprised of a team with over 25 years of experience in the industry. We take the time to provide quality care for all of our customers by listening to their needs and assessing what’s best for their home structure.

Don't Wait Until Damage Gets Worse.

3-Tab Shingles: Brands & Color Options

Three-tab roofing shingles are an economical choice and offer beauty, efficiency and durability. If you notice telltale signs that you’re in need of a roof replacement, New View Roofing is on hand to provide you with an inspection and free new roof estimate. We’ll help you decide on the right shingles, manufacturer and color selection for your roof. You can trust that our professionals will be here for you every step of the way!

GAF Royal Sovereign Shingles

Royal Sovereign Ash Brown

Ash Brown


Autumn Brown

Royal Sovereign Charcoal


Royal Sovereign Golden Cedar

Golden Cedar

Royal Sovereign Slate


Royal Sovereign Weathered Gray

Weathered Gray

Owens Corning Supreme Shingles


Autumn Brown




Desert Tan




Estate Gray


Onyx Black




Weathered Wood

CertainTeed XT 25 Shingles


Cinnamon Frost


Cobblestone Gray


Hunter Green


Silver Birch

Star White


Tile Red Blend

TAMKO Elite Glass Seal Shingles


Antique Slate


Empire Green Blend


Grey Blend


Oxford Grey


Rustic Black


Rustic Cedar


Rustic Hickory


Rustic Slate


Weathered Wood



Free Roof Inspection

Regular roof maintenance can extend the lifespan of your roof and save money on a premature replacement. As a trusted Dallas roof repair contractor, New View Roofing will give you peace of mind that your home is protected.

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