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Important Roofing Components You Should Know About

Knowing the parts that make up your roofing system can help you better understand how the system works. Here’s an overview of the major roofing parts and how you can anticipate leaks and other potential roofing problems.

Important Roofing Components You Should Know About

Trusses, Rafters and Roof Deck

The main roof structure is composed of the trusses, rafters and the roof deck, and forms the skeleton of the entire roofing structure. All of these components are made from treated wood and, in the case of the roof deck, plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). During roofing replacement, the old roof is stripped down to the roof deck and is carefully inspected for structural issues before the new roof is installed.

Being mostly made of wood, the main structure can be vulnerable to excessive heat and moisture. When residential roofers like us perform roofing inspections, moisture damage is one of the things for which we look. Damaged wood tends to warp from exposure to hot and moist air, and if not addressed in time, it could lead to a crooked roofline.


Sometimes referred to as felts, the underlayment is made of sheets of material that work as the waterproofing barrier. It prevents water intrusion in case the outer roofing material fails.

Flashing and Drip Edge

Any break on the roofing plane – think the valleys and areas where the roof meets a wall or dormer – can be vulnerable to leaks. These areas are protected by strips of metal or plastic known as flashing. Components that penetrate the roofing plane, such as vent pipes, have a specific type of flashing called a pipe boot, which protects the penetration point.

Roof edges likewise have drip edges, a type of flashing that keeps rainwater in the gutters instead of seeping into the roof deck. If these components are missing, damaged or knocked out of place, you will need to call for repairs.

To learn more about your roofing system or our roofing services, including storm damage repair, call New View Roofing today at (469) 232-7220. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate. We serve many areas in and near Plano, TX.

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