Metal Roofing 101: Galvanic Corrosion and How to Prevent It

When you’re considering metal roofs for your roof replacement project, chances are your roofing contractor has told you that it’s one of the most durable roofing materials out there. If so, you should know that it’s not exactly true. In fact, it’s entirely possible for a metal roof to face one recurring problem, and that’s […]

North American Roofing Market Slated to Grow Until 2025

In a 2019 report released by Allied Market Research entitled North America Roofing Market Forecast by Type, Material Type, and Application, the roofing market is projected to grow into a $47.51-billion industry by 2025, with a compounded annual growth rate of 5.9%. Several factors are seen as -the primary forces that push for this incredible […]

These Bad Roofing Practices Can Void Your Warranty

The terms of your warranty will vary depending on the roofing companies you hire and the manufacturers who make the roof. Any problems with the roofing material itself will likely be covered by a material warranty from whoever produced the product while installation issues or repair problems are shouldered by your chosen contractor. The specific […]

The 5 Best Ways to Achieve a Cooler Roof

Summer can bring unbearably hot days. In fact, there are days that are so uncomfortable that you’ll be tempted to crank up your air conditioner. However, doing so can cause your energy bills to spike up. Thankfully, roofing companies know how to help you achieve a cooler roof that can help you make your home more […]

Hail-Damaged Roof Facts

Surprisingly enough, summer is the peak season for hailstorms, despite the hot weather. Unfortunately, hailstones can cause damage to your roof no matter what size it is, which can lead to roof repairs or even a replacement. While most people know about the obvious damage caused by hail, there are other dangers associated with these […]