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These Bad Roofing Practices Can Void Your Warranty

The terms of your warranty will vary depending on the roofing companies you hire and the manufacturers who make the roof. Any problems with the roofing material itself will likely be covered by a material warranty from whoever produced the product while installation issues or repair problems are shouldered by your chosen contractor. The specific circumstances and the conditions under which they will replace, redo or repair a roof often depend on the type of your coverage. However, certain things can cause your warranty to be voided.

Improper Installation

For new roof installations, new shingles are best installed over the underlayment. This means your roofing contractor must tear off the old roof before putting up the new one. While some local codes allow double-layering of shingles, this practice can often lead to your warranty being voided. Moreover, the extra weight will cause you even costlier problems in the future.

Non-System Components

Your roof is more than just its parts. It’s a system of several components whose roles are interconnected with each other. Roofing manufacturers understand this concept which is why they often release new product lines that are meant to be used in one roofing system. Choosing to use a different brand, style or model on one of these components could have unknown results which are often not covered by your material warranty.

Poor Ventilation

Moisture is the number one enemy of almost any roofing material. It can buckle your shingles, promote the spread of mold colonies, warp the deck and accelerate the wear and tear on the entire assembly. Your roofing contractor should always integrate proper attic ventilation into an installation to avoid moisture-related problems. Skipping this step will often get your warranty voided.

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