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The 5 Best Ways to Achieve a Cooler Roof

Summer can bring unbearably hot days. In fact, there are days that are so uncomfortable that you’ll be tempted to crank up your air conditioner. However, doing so can cause your energy bills to spike up. Thankfully, roofing companies know how to help you achieve a cooler roof that can help you make your home more comfortable in the summer.

  1. Cool Roof Coatings – If you have a low-slope roof that is in good condition, one way for you to achieve a cooler roof is by applying cool roof coatings. When it comes to the type of coating, you can choose between cementitious and elastomeric roof coatings. Regardless of what you pick, both can improve the solar reflectance of your roof’s surface, preventing it from absorbing too much heat that can make your home uncomfortable.

  1. Metal Roofing – While some homeowners are wary of this roofing type, metal roofs are actually a viable cool roof option. This is due to some metal roofs having a factory-applied cool roof coating, which improves its heat releasing properties to the point that it qualifies as a cool roof.

  1. Tile Roof – Tiles are good choices for a cooling a steep-sloped roof as some are qualified as ENERGY STAR® materials, especially if they have cool colors. Depending on the color of the roof, some traditional tiles can also have naturally reflective qualities that prevent your home from becoming extremely warm. These colors are often produced in earth-toned colors, such as brown and green.

  1. Cool Asphalt Shingles – Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice of roofing material, but they’re not very reflective compared to other cool roof options. If you have traditional shingles, consider replacing them with the cool asphalt variant. Cool asphalt shingles contain reflective granules that can better reflect the sunlight and prevent excess heat from entering your home via the attic.

  1. Single Ply Membrane – When it comes to commercial roofing, on the other hand, single ply membranes are a viable cool roofing material. These membranes are prefabricated plastic or vinyl sheets that contain solar reflective coatings. Once they’re rolled into your roof deck, you won’t have to do anything else as the cool roof properties are integrated in the product itself.

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