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What Factors Determine the extent of wind driven roof damage
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What Factors Determine the Extent of Wind-Driven Roof Damage

Many variables influence the amount and nature of roof damage. Air density and pattern, for instance, are aspects of wind damage that are not readily visible, but they have a significant effect on the nature of the damage.

What Factors Determine the Extent of Wind-Driven Roof Damage

Let’s examine how these variables cause wind damage on roofs.

Wind Approach Speed

Wind speed relates to the roof height above the ground, with speeds slowing when closer to the ground. Wind blowing at 100 miles per hour, 33 feet above ground slows to 66 miles per hour 5 feet from the ground. Higher wind speed increases uplift and the chances for storm damage repair.

Air Density

More than speed, however, the density of the air can also be a factor that determines the type and extent of roof damage. Cool air is denser than warm air. When both are blowing at the same speed, cool air will place a greater wind load on the building and subsequently do more damage.

Gust Pattern

In a storm, wind may speed up at a constant rate or can include strong, erratic gusts. Wind gusts may only last for only a few seconds, yet their effects can be considerable. Strong, sudden gusts do much more damage than strong winds, which build and fade at a more gradual rate. Such damage may result in the need for emergency roof repair services at the very least.

Wind Direction

Knowing from which direction the damaging winds blew will help you determine where to look for damage. These clues can help your roofers do their repair work faster and better. Damage to the roof may depend on the angle of your house as it relates to the general wind direction.

Make it a point to work with the finest residential roofers your area has to offer. New View Roofing has extensive experience in dealing with wind-damaged roofs. We cater to homeowners in Plano, TX, and other nearby areas. Call us at (469) 250-0016 to schedule a consultation.

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