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What Every Roofing Contract Should Contain
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What Every Roofing Contract Should Contain

Roofing contracts do not always have all the necessary content, so it is up to the homeowners themselves to make sure that all terms and conditions are equitable to both them and the roofing contractors alike. New View Roofing provides you with a guide to help you determine if your roofing contract is good enough to sign.

What Every Roofing Contract Should Contain

Project Calendar

This would help determine the framework of time that the project requires. Call time and end of work shifts should also be included. Once you all agree to a timetable, you can watch the progress of your project for any delay. You can also put in notes on salary deduction if the projected completion date wasn’t met without a valid reason.

Outline of Material and Labor Costs

Writing down the labor fee of residential roofers will provide full transparency. In return, the contractor must give a detailed outline of the materials cost to inform you whether extra materials and/or budget is required.


Local authorization is a necessity for big projects like roof replacement or a room addition. The contract should include the permits necessary to keep the project running smoothly and worry-free.

Proof of Insurance

Ask your contractor if they have licenses and insurance because they can protect you from liability for property or job-related injuries. Plus, ensuring that your contractor can perform insurance repair gives homeowners peace of mind.

New View Roofing believes in the power of a good contract. Talk to us at (469) 232-7220, or submit a request for free inspection in this contact form. We promise free inspection within 24 hours. New View Roofing caters to homes in Little Elm, TX.

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