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Types of flashing and how they prevent leaks
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Types of Flashing and How They Prevent Leaks

Any part of your roof where water runoff is heavy or where opposing surfaces meet need flashing. Flashing is usually made of galvanized steel, aluminum or copper. While galvanized steal is perhaps the most common type, aluminum is also popular – especially in DIY installations. Other than those two, copper flashing is also a custom fabricated option.

Types of Flashing and How They Prevent Leaks

Here’s a close at the different types of flashing as well as how they protect your roof from leaks.

Chimney Flashing

Residential roofing contractors apply chimney flashing around the base of a chimney. They apply continuous flashing at the bottom, step along the sides and saddle on top. They then mortar or caulk cap flashing into the chimney. Lastly, they add a lap of flashing over the top edges of the other flashing to prevent water from running behind them.

Step Flashing

Step flashing is set in the area where the roof meets the side walls of dormers, chimneys and skylights. It’s a series of right-angled metal pieces; each section overlapping the one beneath it. The vertical edge is usually tucked under the siding. It can also be capped with another piece of flashing. Again, it’s mortared or caulked so water can’t sneak in behind it.

Continuous Flashing

Continuous flashing is also an option recommended by insurance restoration roofers as they are always cupped and installed above the felt. It is also caulked to stop water seepage under the shingles. Some even glue the shingles to this continuous flashing. The important thing is to attach it onto the last shingle.

Valley Flashing

This flashing protects the valleys where two roof planes meet. Whether for slate, shingle or metal roofing, it adds detail and helps to direct water. Its W-shaped channel goes over the top of the building felt. These items can come in many different profiles. They are custom-made to the sizes and angles needed.

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