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The Underlayment and Its Importance to Your Roofing System

For most of us, our roofs are just what’s on the surface: the shingles, gutters and, to some extent, the flashings around the dormers and vents. However, there’s more to your roofing system than what our eyes can see from the ground. The underlayment, while hidden from view, is an integral part of any residential roofing system. It plays an important role in the roof’s overall health, performance and stability.

About the Underlayment

The underlayment covers the part of the roof that holds the entire roof framework together called the decking or sheathing. When laid flat on the decking, it acts as a secondary barrier against moisture. Once roof installation is complete, the shingles, metal panels or tiles serve as the primary defense against the elements.

It is important to have a waterproofing barrier on your roofing system. The job of the outer roof layer – the shingles, metal panels or tiles – is to let rainwater move down to the gutters. If water intrusion occurs because of a missing or damaged shingle or tile piece, the next roof layer – the underlayment – helps ensure that no moisture comes in contact with the decking.

Different Underlayment Types

Asphalt-saturated felt was the most common underlayment material until the introduction of synthetic alternatives. Felt underlayment was effective in resisting water intrusion, but unlike most new materials available on the market today, it is not as waterproof.

Rubberized asphalt underlayment, however, is known for its tremendous waterproofing qualities. Made of combined high-density asphalt and rubber polymers, the material can provide maximum protection against water damage.

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