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The Rules You Have to Follow When Designing a Hotel Rooftop

Designing a hotel rooftop is no easy task. After all, a hotel’s roof is no longer just something that covers the entire building; it also has to be functional so the guests can mingle and hang out with their friends. While the task of designing a rooftop lounge for a hotel may sound difficult, it doesn’t necessarily have to be.


Covers are very important for a hotel’s rooftop design. After all, you don’t want to get your guests soaked in the rain during a rainy day or sunburnt on a sunny day. By having additional cover in your hotel’s rooftop, you can keep your guests comfortable no matter the weather. Apart from that, it also complies with health codes as birds are more likely to flock to your rooftop lounge if it doesn’t have a cover.

Target Demographic

During the designing a hotel’s roofing system, keep your target demographic in mind. For instance, ask if the rooftop will only be open in the evenings or if it will be a 24-hour lounge. By knowing the times the rooftop will be open, you’ll be able to better determine the specifics of your rooftop’s design.

Structural Reinforcement

Wind is already a cause for concern for the average homeowner, but even more so if one plans to have a rooftop lounge on their hotel. After all, strong winds can still cause damage so you’ll want to make sure that all the structures you’ll be adding is reinforced and tied to the building to prevent any injuries or costly damage.

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