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Scenarios Where Replacement Beats Repairs

Replacing a roof is often costlier than fixing one. One involves getting entirely new layers of covering and possibly new sheets of decking boards as well as frames, a task that is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

However, a roof replacement (even it is not immediately necessary) is sometimes more practical than a major roof repair.

Your Roof Is at Least Two Decades Old

An old asphalt-shingle roof could still look good on the outside at 40, but the sheathing could tell a different story at that age. Preventive maintenance could only avert premature deterioration due to weather. However, taking the upkeep of your roof seriously does not stop the aging process of materials.

If your roofing system is past the age of 20, you should think twice before spending on major repairs. Your roof’s components were designed using old technology so fixing them when they break can be a futile proposition. Short of total replacement, it is less likely to restore its structural integrity enough to make it last for many decades more.

The Damage Is Extensive

The greater the extent of damage, the more costly the repair becomes. Sometimes, some parts of the interior of your property needs some fixing, too, so include any additional expenses into the equation. If your roof is due for a replacement in the foreseeable future, changing the whole thing may save you on labor.

There Is Sunlight Coming Through the Attic

A break in the decking is a classic indication that your roof is in shambles. It could be an isolated case, of course, so do not schedule a roof repair until an experienced contractor assesses the condition of your roof sheathing overall.

Let New View Roofing have a look at your broken roof in order to figure out the right course of action to take to bring it up to code and recapture its beauty. Call us at (469) 232-7220 to schedule a free inspection in Dallas.

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