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Roofing Materials for Hot Climates

On average, the Dallas-Fort Worth area gets more than 230 days of sun every year, about 10% to 20% more than the average American city. Homes and, by extension, their roofing systems, must be well-adapted to constant heat to survive the scorching Texas sun. This offers a few unique challenges to both homeowners and roofing contractors. So, what types of roofing materials perform well under these conditions?

Metal Roofing Systems

The old expression “cat on a hot tin roof” popularizes a huge misconception about metal roofs and high temperatures. The high conductivity of this particular material can make it hotter than other roofing types; however, it balances out its performance with an equally high albedo. Metals reflect heat just as much as they absorb it, which means that while the roof itself grows hot, your interiors remain cool. In fact, metal roofs offer higher efficiency levels under arid conditions than most other roofing types available today.

Slate Roof Tiles

There’s a reason slate or concrete tiles are the ubiquitous choice in most Texan households. Slate roofs are processed from stone and are known to possess high resistance against most types of weather, particularly sunny and dry conditions. Tile roofs also have an incredibly long lifespan, reaching 100 or more years easily and dwarfing the effective service life of other types of materials. If you’re looking for a roof that can handle extended periods of high heat, then you could do worse than this heavy-duty option.

At New View Roofing, we are your leading provider of roofing products and services made to last under harsh Texan conditions. Give us a call at (469) 250-0016, or fill out our online contact form to request a roofing and remodeling estimate, or schedule a free in-home inspection today. We serve homeowners in Dallas.

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