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Protect Your Metal Roof From Ice Dams This Winter

Although metal roofs are less likely to suffer from ice damage, they are also not completely impervious to it – which means that you must protect them from ice dams.

Ice Dam Basics

If you notice masses of ice hanging over the edge of your roof, you may be dealing with an ice dam problem. Ice dams can become quite heavy, and your roof may end up getting damaged simply from the weight.

Early Inspections and Repairs

Avoid pushing off roof inspections. Have your roof inspected ahead of time so you can be assured that it is in good enough condition to handle the challenges that winter brings. Have necessary repairs completed as soon as possible, and allow only a certified roofing contractor like New View Roofing to handle ice dam removal and other possible roofing problems.

Better Attic Insulation

Poor roofing insulation encourages ice dam formation. When the air in your attic heats up, it causes different parts of your roof to become warmer than others. Snow melts where the roof is warm and refreezes, usually along the eaves and gutters.

Regular Snow Management

Timely snow management can prevent the possibility of ice dam formation. Call for roof clearing assistance as soon as you notice that you have too much snow on your roof. You won’t only save your roof from damage, but will help keep it structurally ready to do its job when it snows again.

Keep your metal roof in top condition at all times with the help of one of the best roofing companies in the country, New View Roofing. We pride ourselves in providing products and services of only the highest standards as our GAF Master Elite® status indicates. Give us a call at (469) 232-7220, or fill out our contact form here if you need help with metal roofing maintenance. We serve homeowners in Dallas.

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