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Flat Roof Pooling: What Happens When You Ignore It

True to its name, flat roofs lack the clear slope that is often seen in residential roofing systems. Due to this, flat roofs are more prone to pooling than most roofing systems are. When this happens, it’s highly recommended that you don’t ignore the standing water in your roof. Otherwise, your roof may suffer the various consequences, such as:

Dirt Buildup

If you ignore the standing water on your flat roof, you can expect dirt to build up much faster on your roof. This dirt build up in turn can lead to vegetation growth on your roof, which can cause a puncture in the membranes that allows moisture to enter your roof and compromise its structural integrity as a result.

Increased Exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) Rays

It may sound surprising to some, but the water that pools on your flat roof can act as a magnifying glass that increases your roof’s exposure to UV rays. This is something that you’ll want to avoid at all costs as UV rays are one of your roofing system’s biggest adversaries as they can cause your roof to deteriorate earlier than expected.

What to Do About Flat Roof Pooling

When water has already started to pool on your flat roof, you can’t do anything but have professionals remove the water as best as they can. If you want to prevent standing water in the future, on the other hand, experts recommend that you maintain your roofing system on a regular basis so water can freely flow from the roof and into your gutter system.

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