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Fighting the Effects of the Urban Heat Island Effect

Concrete has a unique way of dealing with the sun’s heat. As an insulator, it doesn’t allow the heat energy to pass through its molecules. Instead, the heat is reflected back into the environment. Now, imagine an area surrounded by dozens of concrete structures, each one reflecting the heat of the high noon sun. This collective heat is enough to raise the ambient temperature by a few degrees compared to other areas without too many buildings. This observable phenomenon is known as the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Homes in urban areas should be equipped to deal with the relatively higher temperatures emanating from the buildings around them.

Cooler Roofs Prevail

Green and cool roof options are perhaps the best solutions urban planners, designers and contractors use to fight heat island formation, particularly in areas with a high concentration of concrete structures. Cool roofs are specially engineered to maintain certain temperatures even when exposed to extended periods of sunlight. On the other hand, green roofs make use of plants and vegetation to absorb the high temperatures while also helping improve the look of certain buildings.

All in the Albedo

Albedo pertains to the amount of light that objects reflect. Because the urban heat island effect is primarily caused by sunlight, choosing low-albedo roofing options is one of the best ways to reduce its heating effects. Ask your roofing contractor for lighter colored materials to help your roof reflect heat away from your interiors.

Sprinkling Solutions

An effective albeit rare solution is roof sprinkling. As surface water evaporates, it lowers the temperature of its surroundings a little. It’s the same concept as our bodies sweating to cool down after a workout. However, this means having additional water connections on your roof which, on its own, is already pretty prone to water-related damage.

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