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Do Metal Roofing Systems Need to Be Grounded?

Do you need to have your metal roof grounded? In general, there’s no need to unless it’s mandated by your local building codes.

What if lightning struck your roof? Wouldn’t a grounded metal roof protect your home? Experts say metal roofing systems aren’t any more likely to be struck by lightning than other types of roofs. We elaborate further in this post.

Why There’s No Need to Ground a Metal Roof 

There’s a myth that metal – and by extension metal roofs – attract lightning. However, there’s no evidence supporting this claim. If you notice any patterns in cases where lightning struck, any similarities are most likely coincidental given the limited knowledge about the factors that can influence lightning strikes. The kind of roof you have installed won’t raise or lower the risk of lightning striking your home. However, there is evidence that some factors like the height of the building, its thin points and the amount of area a structure covers can.

Making Sure Your Building’s Up-to-Code 

In the unlikely event that your metal roof is struck by lightning, the structure will direct the electric current to the ground, provided that your home is up-to-code. For instance, building codes require the pipes that extend from your home’s interior to the roof to be made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). If, however, metal pipes were installed, the current can travel to your interior and damage the building’s structure. To make sure your roof is up-to-code, make sure only experienced contractors handle roof repair and installations.

Looking for a roofing contractor? Here’s a vetting tip: it’s best to hire local contractors. Not only are they easier to vet, but they’re also more familiar with your area’s building codes.

New View Roofing, a locally owned and operated company with over 25 years of experience, offers a wide range of professional roofing services, including roof repair services. To get a free roof inspection, call us at (469) 232-7220, or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Dallas as well as the surrounding communities in Texas.

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