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Coping With Climate Extremes: How Metal Roofs Can Help

You might have noticed that some of your neighbors have installed new metal roofs. Well, they’re not the only ones to do that: more and more homeowners have been installing metal roofs to cope with climate extremes.

Increasingly Frequent Extreme Weather Events

Texas, along with Florida, Pennsylvania, California, New York and North Carolina, have been battered with several extreme weather events over the past few years, including wildfires and hurricanes.

Why Metal Roofs? 

Metal roofs have long lifespans and a high fire-protection safety rating, and are resistant to gale-force winds and hailstorms.

What Are Its Other Practical Benefits?

Even if your neighborhood doesn’t experience a lot of extreme weather events, it’d still be a good idea to consider installing a metal roof. For one thing, metal roofs can help cut your monthly power bill. Prepainted and granular coated metal roofs reflect solar heat, reducing the strain on your HVAC unit.

A Longer Lifespan 

Metal roofs also reflect ultraviolet (UV) rays, one of the main causes of roof damage. UV rays can quickly break down a roof’s outer surface, turning it brittle and causing cracks through which water can infiltrate your roof. Just make sure to choose one in lighter colors: shades closer to white reflect more light while darker colors absorb more heat.

Demand and Supply 

The demand for metal roofs has been so robust that suppliers are struggling across the country to keep up with it. There’s also the problem of labor – in certain towns, there are only a few roofing contractors who are qualified enough to install metal roofing. So, if you’re planning to install a new roof, make sure your roofer has enough experience.

Looking for experienced contractors near your neighborhood?

New View Roofing, a veteran-owned company with over 25 years’ worth of experience in the industry, offers professional roofing services. To get a free roof inspection, call us at (469) 250-0016.

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