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Common Misconceptions: Wind Damage on Roofs

Wind is a powerful force of nature that can cause considerable damage to a home. But this doesn’t mean homeowners have to panic when faced with strong wings. The best thing to do is to be informed to avoid misconceptions swirling around roofing wind damage.

1. Wind-Damaged Shingles Can’t Be Seen

False. Damaged shingles always show signs, and you can easily spot them. There will be bends, flutters and creases on the shingles. So, don’t ever listen to contractors who will tell you that the damage is merely hidden.

2. Tests Can Predict Your Shingle Durability 

It’s not uncommon to hear “myths” surrounding roofing wind damage. Only a few wind damage tests can accurately predict the strength of shingles. Plus, trusted roofing companies say there are a dozen factors to consider to determine the uplift force of the wind versus the strength of the shingles against wind damage.

3. Displaced Shingles Are Caused by the Wind

Don’t pin every fault on the wind. Sometimes, the cause is faulty installation. Lack of adhesive on shingles can cause displaced shingles. Aging, wear and tear, manufacturing, thermal cycling,and cold weather are some of the other reasons why shingles can be easily lifted by the wind.

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