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Better Roof Resilience: How StormMaster® Shingles Can Help

Your roof may suffer some form of damage after extreme weather events, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to protect it. You can improve your roof’s resilience by installing storm-resistant materials.

If you’re looking for storm-resistant shingles, why not try Atlas® StormMaster® Shake product line?

Weather That Should Concern You

Homeowners with roofs made out of shingles should be particularly wary of two things: strong winds and hail. Gale-force winds can loosen shingles and eventually dislodge them while the impact from hailstones can crack shingles. Atlas StormMaster shingles can handle gale-force winds and hailstorms better than your average shingle.

Core4™ Polymer Technology: All-Around Protection 

StormMaster Shingles are equipped with Core4™ technology, which protects it from hailstorms, gale-force winds and extreme temperatures.

WeatherCore™ Technology: Protection From Hail and Wind Damage

Thanks to its Core4 enhanced polymers and FASTAC® adhesive sealants, StormMaster shingles can withstand winds reaching up to 150 miles per hour. This line of shingles also passed stringent tests to get a Class 4 Impact Resistance, the highest in the industry. Only shingles that didn’t suffer any cracks even after being hit with a 2-inch hailstone at terminal velocity can get this rating.

ThermalCore™ Technology  

Years of exposure to the scorching Texan sun can take its toll on your roof. Your roof expands as temperatures rise and contracts as temperatures drop. Repeated contractions and expansions can loosen your shingles’ granules, which protect your roof from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Atlas ThermalCore™  technology helps granules adhere better to the shingle’s surface, extending your roof’s lifespan significantly.

Hiring the Right Professional 

If you’re considering installing StormMaster shingles, make sure to hire a qualified roofing contractor. You won’t be able to enjoy all of the aforementioned benefits if your shingles aren’t installed properly.

Looking for experienced roofers in your area?

New View Roofing is a veteran-owned roofing contractor with a team that offers over 25 years of roofing and home remodeling experience. To get a free roof inspection, call us at (469) 250-0016, or fill out the form here. We serve homeowners in Dallas, TX.

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