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A Primer on Roof Flashing

The flashing is perhaps the most important roof component you have never heard of – or at least do not think of first. It is not as exciting as the main covering material for its purpose is more utilitarian than aesthetic in nature. Nevertheless, it deserves as much attention as the rest of the roof.

What Is It?

Strictly speaking, flashing refers to the process of sealing the gaps like joints and penetrations across the roof. Pieces of metal, plastic and/or rubber as well as caulk are needed to carry out this task.

Many roofing companies will admit that all materials have unique sets of qualities that make them an ideal choice for different situations. However, the most common type of flashing is steel reinforced by zinc and aluminum. The combined mechanical properties of such an alloy enables it to withstand the rigors of nature.

Copper and lead are also options. But the former is costly while the latter is notorious for being a health hazard. Rubber and plastic are the most economical flashing materials; they do not last long compared to others, though.

Sometimes, asphalt shingles are used to “close” the valleys. Closed valleys can have downsides like open ones so it’s important to exercise due diligence to avoid making a regretful decision.

Why Is It Important?

Flashings exist to waterproof the roofing system. Aside from the valleys, chimneys, dormers and skylights are the usual areas where flashings are a must. Not all flashings are directly exposed to the weather; drip edges or eave flashings are shining examples.

Why Hire a Reliable Roofer?

Choosing a roofer you can trust is your best protection against scams and installation blunders. Unscrupulous contractors might intentionally reuse old flashings to boost their bottom line while incompetent ones might reapply salvageable pieces without realizing the consequences.

Entrust your roofing project only to a contractor of New View Roofing’s caliber. Call (469) 232-7220 to schedule your free roof inspection from us in Dallas.

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